When I was looking up the history of Maple Lane Resort, I found some fascinating findings and some that will make people laugh.

In 1901 the Main Victorian house was built by George Dorsey (One of the founders of Glen Arbors sons) Not til 1954 was Maple Lane a Hotel with cottages when George Dorsey’s son in-law Charles Hodge built a five room hotel. From 1954 to 1957 the 5 room hotel was added onto and how the hotel was added onto was where it gets funny.

Charles Hodge had a good friend who owned Grand Traverse Concrete Company in Traverse City who liked to come down to visit with Charles. During that time he would bring excess block that the concrete company would have and added onto the hotel to make it into a 10 room hotel. Charles Hodge’s wife was known for her chicken pot pies that she would make for the customers and the Hodge’s also had about 3,500 maple trees on 80 acres that they would make maple syrup in the spring.

From Charles to Jerry and Bea Hodge (Charles is son and daughter in-law) Maple Lane Resort moved forward making it a special place for customers to stay. Where the carriage house is now was a garage with an apartment above the garage and where the gathering room maintenance room is was an ice house. Where the three guest rooms upstairs at the main house was an apartment with a kitchen. Then in 1985 Jerry and Bea Hodge decided it was time to move on and the resort was purchased by Kent and Laura Smith, who have made the changes on the resort  that customers see today.

From 1985 to 1987 the main hotel was added on with a second story, the original garage with the apartment above was made into the carriage house, the apartment in the main house was made into the three rooms Della, Chad and Todd. From the mid 1980’s til 2004 the resort was owned by the Smith’s. In 2004 Maple Lane Resort was purchased by David and Susan Houghn  ( David a American History School teacher for TCAPS and Susan a Social Worker/ Therapist)  Since taking over ownership of Maple Lane Resort , they have updated the resort with new mattress’s, flat screen tv’s  and bedding. They offer continental breakfast in the gathering room, and free wireless internet.  Maple Lane Resort is moving into the 21st century with better things to come. When staying with us our motto here at Maple Lane Resort “A Step Ahead in Comfort and a Step Back in Time” We are always moving forward but not forgetting about the past.